Things that Carp likes to do (part 1)

I did mention at my first post that I have a few hobbies. Let me share with you what they are.

One of my “new found” hobbies is sewing. I know this can be common (as one can tell from the resources available to people in North America and Australia for example), but it is quite unusual in where I live.

I live in Hong Kong, a tiny place packed with people.

Most people (at least those who can afford it) are happy to go with fast fashion. Spending all that time on a garment which you can buy off the rack at half the price is simply not worth it. And you need space. Space to sew and space to store everything that you need to get in order to sew (imagine fabric stash). For myself, my sewing area is literally only one 150 by 75 cm table top where my sewing machine and serger sit. And I have all this space only because we have decided not to put a sofa or a TV set at home.

So no, I don’t really have any sewing buddy.

But I do enjoy it very much. I got my first sewing machine in 2015, and added a serger the next year. I’m still experimenting with different patterns and fabrics. The finished pieces are mostly only prototypes, using fabric that I bought but would not wear (lots of trial and error when it comes to fabric shopping online). I am however going to make a knit wrap dress based on McCall’s M6884 pattern soon. Its prototype worked well so I’m ready to make one for wear. I’ll post my work and my review of the pattern here I promise!



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